Simply Decadent

Luxury Coffee Defined

Net Weight: 227g

Bryan-David Scott was challenged to craft a blend that would compliment fine chocolates, pair nicely with various desserts (Rich, creamy or fruity) and also to be enjoyed as a classic late morning or afternoon coffee. Bryan-David Scott invented this, the world's first "Special Dark" coffee, which boasts complexities of a beautiful medium roast yet harnessing all of the full, rich and robust characteristics of a Viennese style roast.

Of the luxury range, Simply Decadent is the flagship. A classic special-dark coffee boasting notes of floral and smoke with cedar-like power and an underlying tremor and tautness that delivers a coffee experience second to none. A must have for connoisseurs, chef / owners, and those that appreciate luxury and lifestyle.

100 points.


"Though each of our coffees is superb, Simply Decadent has become our flagship blend. This coffee is complimented highly by top chefs and connoisseurs. This is truly a special blend." -BDS