We define luxury coffee

As a celebrity chef and luxury coffee specialist, I am honored with the privilege and responsibility of being in the public eye. I am surrounded by the rich and famous; tasked with preparing tantalizing dishes that captivate and satisfy my auddience in ways unique to my passions and craft.

In late 2014, I wanted to create an alliance with other F&B professionals passionate about excellence. This alliance would be exclusive and give immediate access to the most exclusive brand of luxury coffees with special pricing.

By joining our alliance you will have a strong competitive edge over competition that offers large, commercially branded coffee names. Names that are known, but not respected and certainly not special. After all, how special is something when it is available in stores, shops, restaurants and hotels everywhere? By offering luxury class coffees you are making a statement that you want the very best for your guests/customers.

Handcrafted. five-star rated. roasted on order. 100 point coffees.

Our coffees are handcrafted only for people wanting the ultimate coffee experience. Whether a person is sipping our luxury coffee for the first time or they have enjoyed many cups, each time is the ultimate.

I will work with you personally to create a coffee service that fits your needs. We offer co-branded opportunities for packaging with our Signature Blends or our Rare + Exotic coffees.

Our partners receive priority notification of incoming offers, product updates, special pricing and chef's choice coffees for your guests to enjoy. When people in your area discover that you are offering our coffees, we are confident that you will see a dramatic increase in customers and followers with strong loyalty to you.

There is no charge to join. Please submit this form. I will respond by the next business day.

Let's make the 2017/2018 season the greatest of our lives!

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